Cisne Vineyard

Growing superior grapes in the Alexander Valley AVA.

Our Cisne vineyard is located on 27 acres of land in Asti, California at the top of the Alexander Valley AVA and on the east side of the Russian River. The weather of the region is ideal for growing diverse grape varietals, but we focus on growing white wine grapes.

Diverse soil nurtures quality fruit.

Our Cisne Vineyard is comprised of two predominant soil types. First, is an 8.5 acre block that is made up of mostly Clay loam soil which is derived from being in close proximity to the Russian River. This block was formerly planted with Chardonnay grapes, but was insufficiently vigorous and delayed ripening for Chardonnay. However, it’s ideally suited to a Sauvignon Blanc expression of being more aromatic and lemon grass with tropical hints.

In addition, the vineyard is also comprised of a 10 acre block that is made up of mostly Volcanic loam which is derived from alluvial deposits from the surrounding hills. It has more iron oxide content due to some volcanic activity from the nearby hills. This adds to making more riper, more distinct reds and fruit concentration for whites. It is a well drained block that has moderate vigor. Chardonnay still thrives here and can achieve early ripening with more of a golden color for the fruit. Due to the well drained nature of these volcanic soils and good sun exposure; it creates more “yellow fruit” with the Chardonnay clusters and therefore less green and more concentrated fruit flavors at higher (25 to 26 range) Brix standards.


Alexander Valley AVA - Eastern Side of the Russian River. Ranges from shallow to very deep, silt loams and sand; moderate fertility.


27.5 Acres / 8 Acres Planted


During the day, the Alexander Valley is one of the warmest regions in Northern California, but at night it experiences a wide diurnal temperature variation that cools off climate conditions. The region’s close proximately to the Russian River serves a source for early morning fog conditions that cover the vineyard until it is burned off by the late morning sun.


Sauvignon Blanc

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